Perimeter Pest Control

Exterior treatments for your home or office!

Don’t you just hate to see critters! Our Perimeter Pest Control Service helps to control those dreaded spiders, ants, crickets, and other bugs,  keeping them outside of your home– preventing them from entering your property.

We offer a program of 3 Pest Control Applications spread over the season beginning in the early spring and ending by late Fall.   We treat around the perimeter of your commercial or residential property focusing on complete coverage as well as watching out for those areas that critters might live — like in window wells, cracks in the foundation, etc.  Each application serves as barrier wall around your property.

Each application has a 90 day residual, and the insects targeted include the following:

Perimeter Pest Control All Season Long

We offer perimeter pest control both as a stand alone service, or, we can combine with our other lawn care packages. We are confident we can provide very competitive pricing for your complete peace of mind! If you pre-pay for the season, an additional 10% price reduction can be realized.

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Call us or e-mail us for a quote. We will take a look at your property and provide a competitive quote to take care of your property for the season providing peace of mind that your property is being handled by a family owned company that cares about you, your family, and your pets.