Bio Green Indiana Dethatching

Dethaching is the process or removing the thatch layer from your lawn.

This is the thick area, sometimes described as spongy top layer, of ground cover right below the grass layer from your lawn. As a general rule of thumb, up to 1/2 inch of thatch is good for your lawn. This is especially true during times of drought, water restrictions, and high heat, when it can act like insulation for the soil by providing a screen from sun light and help to hold in moisture.

Thatch that accumulates in excess of 1/2 inch can actually work as a disadvantage to your lawn by creating too much buffer between the soil and the grass, preventing sufficient amounts of water, air, and nutrients (fertilizer) to reach the soil. Excess thatch can also encourage the proliferation of pests such as Chinch bugs, insects, and various lawn diseases and fungus.

Mechanical De-Thatching

Mechanical de-thatching is very expensive and is limited in which season it can be done (early spring or late fall). The cost is $75 per 1,000s/f.

Bio green mechanical dethatching

Liquid De-Thatching

BioGreen offers a liquid de-thatching product that is applied in the summer to increase microbial activity. Cost is $20 per 1,000s/f but if you sign up for our lawn fertilization program this service is included at no additional cost.